Wednesday, March 28, 2012

West Medical Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Mid Draft Boats, No Motors Allowed

West Medical Lake (235 acres) has a resort for small powerboats, etc. on the south end in Lakes Memorial Park. It’s a very run down facility but still a good location to access the lake from. This lake is just 1 mile west of Medical Lake but seems to have better winds than Medical Lake due to the fact it sits on the west side of a large hill and is very much in the open where the wind can whip across it; and I was told it has consistent West winds. The water is shallow and warm (water level is pretty stable even during the hottest time of the summer) and tends to have a lot of algae. This lake is great for just flying back and forth on, and catching some big wind. Directions: From Spokane, go west 10 miles in I-90 to Four Lakes, then northwest to Medical Lake, then south 1 mile to Public Fishing sign. Maps: To view a map click on and type in West Medical Lake, WA.
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