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Snak River, from Clarkston Washington to the Columbia River

The Snake River travels from its source near Jackson, Wyoming all the way to the
Sunset on the Snark while sailing
Snake River Sailing
confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers close to the Tri-Cities, Washington. Related to the Inland NW, the river information here is from Lewiston, Idaho to the Columbia River. There are four dams on the Inland NW portion of the Snake River, creating a series of reservoirs that can be traversed via locks all the way from Lewiston (furthest inland port in the world) to the ocean. The dams and associated reservoirs, starting at Clarkston WA. going down river: Lower Granite Dam and Lake Wawawai reservoir, Little Goose Dam and Lake Bryan reservoirLower Monumental Dam and Lake Herbert G West reservoir, and Ice Harbor Dam (largest vertical-drop lock in the country) and Lake Sacajawea reservoir. The Snake River is a popular fishing and boating river. It is popular not just for power boating but for kayaking, and sailing, particularly at Ice Harbor. There are public access sites long this river with many no-fee and fee areas for camping. Fishing: King and Silver Salmon, and Steelhead.

Some areas of the river are very wide for get sailing
Directions: All boat launches are numbered starting near Lewiston, Idaho and going westerly ending at the Columbia River (currently only showing launches between Lewiston Idaho and Lower Granite Dam. More launches and info to be added soon). Maps: See Google map at the end of this section below all the pics.

Snake River Launches and Access Points

1. Clarkston WA. Greenbelt Park & Landing: Includes several docks, paved double pad launch, restrooms, running water, small beach. Includes park with bike path that is part of a river park system extending about 7 miles south along the river.

2. Snake River Marina and Landing: This is a private Marine that one must pay to dock at and use their boat launch (day pass). This marina includes a restaurant, gift store, marine fuel station and pump-out, restrooms, running water. Double paved boat launch with docks.

3. Chief Timothy Campground and Boat Launch: This is privately owned public park that includes a nice double paved boat launch with docks, restrooms, running water, park, RV park with tent sites. Many of the campsites have their own dock. This launch and park is on an Island connect to the mainland is a very nice bridge.

4. Steptoe Canyon Bay Sportsman Access: There is no restrooms or running water, and boat launch at this site but is a place that some kayakers/canoeist like to launch at due to the protected bay. One passes under the a small rail-road bridge to access the river.

5. Nisqually Jon Boat Launch: Includes a single paved boat launch with dock and small protected inlet area. Also includes restrooms, running water, and some primitive areas to camp at.

6. Blyton Boat Launch: Includes a single paved boat launch with dock and small protected inlet area. Also includes restrooms, running water, and some primitive areas to camp at.

7. Wawawai Park, Marina, & Boat Launch: Includes a single paved boat launch with long dock and small protected bay area, and marina run by the Washington State University. Also includes restrooms, running water, and some primitive areas to camp at.

8. Wawawai County Campground & Sportsman Access:
Has a nice sheltered bay for kayakers and fishermen. Includes camping area for tents and RV's, restrooms, running water, large shaded areas via the many trees, beautiful parking area with large grassy areas for picnicking.


  1. When launching a boat at these ramps are there rules as to which side of the dock that you launch or retrieve from?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. No rules related to which side to launch from however one should not remain at the launch dock long to allow other boats to launch and retrieve. Be kind so no one throws a bolt at you.

  2. Are there gas docks at the boat ramps? Thinking of doing a jet ski trip on the snake river.

  3. Robin there are only gas docks at the Snake River Marina. In spring watch out for logs as there will be many. Below the dam is better as no logs get past that. Just to let everyone now all the info from this site is being moved over to and then this site will be close. The new site not only includes marine info, but trailer info, accessibility info for those with disAbilities, etc.