Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Round Lake, Benewah County, Idaho

Round Lake (410 acres) runs along the St. Joe river channel, and isn't part of Heyburn State Park, but is on the parks north and northeast side. Round Lake is a shallow long lake, and is perfect for fishing but isn't suited for high speed boating due to all the aquatic plant life and water foul policies. There are 2 launches on this lake; One has a paved ramp and the other is a gravel mud combination.Info: See About St. Joe River, Heyburn State Park, Area Lakes post/link.

1. Round Lake Northeast Sportsman Access
Boat Launch, restroom, no running water...
Directions: The launch is paved but during low water it does not reach the water. (Coming from S HWY 97 near the junction of HWY 3 & 97) Turn south E. on O'Gara Road. Follow this road for a few miles, then turn left/south S. Benewah Road. Follow this road to the launch. Toward the end of this road it gets rough with lots of potholes. The road is also fairly narrow and has one sharp turn. 

2. Round Lake East Primitive Boat Launch
Gravel/mud boat launch near the east shore of Round Lake, old dock, gravel parking area, no restrooms or running water ... Directions: This primitive launch is right next to HWY 3 off of Mission Point Road/Round Lake Road. The great thing about this launch is that it enters a channel where you can enter either Round Lake or the St. Joe River. This launch is only suited for kayaks or small fishing boats. The ground at this launch can be muddy. Turn west onto Mission Point Road/Round Lake Road from HWY 3, west of St. Maries, Idaho.

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