Monday, March 26, 2012

Rock Lake, Whitman County, Washington

Rock Lakes is one of the Largest Scab Land lakes at 7.5 miles long and 408 deep. of theI have personally sailed on this lake many times and taught sailing for the Uni. of Idaho on it as well. I was told while attending the U of I that Rock Lake was to small to sail on and there was no wind (must have been a power boater telling me this). When I visited the lake I could not believe what I found, a large lake (large for this area); and once I started sailing on it I was amazed at the consistent winds. As a matter of fact I never experienced lack of wind on this lake. This is the German Brown fishing lake of the Inland NW. Browns bulled from this lake average 10 to 20 inches long. The boat launch is very primitive and if the water level is low it will be very hard to launch any boat via trailer in the water other than a fishing dinghy or shallow draft sailboat lake a Hobie 16. The end of the rocky boat launch abruptly drops of to some unknown depth; basically there is a potential to back in too far during low water and drop your trailer wheels off the end of the ramp (not good). It’s a deep lake but the boat launch (as is the case on many lakes in this area) limits the size of boat you can launch. This lake is more than deep enough for keelboats; the only down side would be the lava spears that you can hit just under the surface of the water and because of this fact I would heavily advise against water skiing or jet skiing on this lake. Depth 425 feet.

I never had issues with these lava spears when I sailed the lake other than my rudders kicking up when hitting one. Caution should be noted if you are sailing a dagger board style sailboat on this lake, as hitting a lava spears at high speed with a dagger board would not be good. Rock Lake is just an absolutely amazing sailing lake, and best of all there are seldom any other boats on it (if you go alone please place a float plan with someone)...Please click here for very detailed info on Rock Lake and great pictures as well ( Directions: On I-90 from Spokane take the WA-904 W exit- EXIT 270- toward FOUR LAKES / CHENEY., Stay STRAIGHT to go onto WA-904 / LT COL MICHAEL ANDERSON MEMORIAL HWY., Turn LEFT onto S CHENEY-PLAZA RD., S CHENEY-PLAZA RD becomes S CHENEY PLAZA RD., Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S ROCK LAKE RD., Turn SHARP LEFT. Maps: to view a map click on  and type in Rock Lake, WA., select #1 to get correct lake, and pan in.

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