Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meadow Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed

Meadow Lake (90 acres)... During spring, this lake is a nice location for kayaking and dinghy sailing with a beautiful marsh all the way around it. Its is a no combustion motor lake. Mid to late summer the water is much lower and is then more appropriate for sail yakking. The lake is popular for bird watching. There is private land all the way around the lake but some non-residents access the lake via the rail-road track (not recommended). There is a fair amount of open water on this lake so kayaks and maybe small dinghies would work well on this lake. Directions: Meadow Lake is just off of Interstate 90 (Exit 270) onto HWY 904 west of Spokane next to the city of Four Lakes, WA. See launching instructions above in this paragraph. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Medical Lake, WA. then pan in a little and you will see the lake on the map.

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