Monday, March 26, 2012

Lower and Upper Glidden Lake, Shoshone County, Idaho

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed

Lower Glidden Lake I believe is the highest lake in elevation that you drive right up to. This lake is absolutely beautiful with heavily forested alpine mountains surrounding the lake. Wildlife abound with brown and black bear (Grizzlies as reported), Elk, Deer, Mountain Lions, a variety of foul, etc. Rainbow and Brook Trout inhabit this lake. Motors are not allowed on this lake, which I'm sure the wildlife appreciate. There is a primitive boat launch. Hiking in this area is, of course, spectacular.

Upper Glidden Lake is to the south of this Lower Glidden Lake, which is smaller yet no less
The steep trail to the right in this pic is the trail to
Upper Glidden Lake. Click pic to enlarge.
beautiful of a place to hike to, and is also said to be a good fishing lake. Camp sites are mostly along its east shore, and there is a small trail along the west shore with perhaps one area that would be a good camping area. Fish and Game info indicates there is a restroom at this lake, but I was unable to find it.

This is the place to turn right to get to Lower and Upper Glidden Lakes
Maps: View Google Map below... Directions: Lower Glidden Lake is 12.4 miles from the I90 exit. From I90 take Wallace exit 62 at the city of Wallace, Idaho. Turn north onto Burke Can Creek Rd./NF 7623 (HWY 4), and stay on it almost all the way to the lake. The road to this lake is partly paved and partly gravel. It is not marked nor are there signs giving directions to the lake. As you go up this road stay to the right as you will pass several Y's in the road. Stay on the paved road until it ends at the power station. The road is paved from the highway to the power station, even though the pavement gets rough near its end. Along this road you will pass an impressive old mining facility with large buildings. The road that goes to the lake passes right next to the power station and follows the power lines. The road you turn on get to the lake passes under the power lines. While on the gravel road you will pass over 2 small bridges and another one once you turn onto the road to the lake. The picture below is the view of the spot you will turn to go to the lake. The turn point is not quite at the top of the saddle between mountains. After the power station the road turns to gravel, small boulders, with protruding rocks. This road is best suited only for 4x4 vehicles with good ground clearance. When I went up this road the first time a 4x4 pick up turned around due to the rough road conditions.

I would NOT travel on this road in Spring (or winter) due to the unstable road conditions. Once at the lake the road goes northeast around the east side of the lake, which also takes you to the primitive launch. Info: As indicated previously, Fish & Game maps/info indicate there is a restroom but I was un-able to find one. This road will be very hard on any car, and without four wheel drive you most likely WILL get stuck. There are a couple deep ruts in the road. Do not drive in a car to this lake!

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