Monday, March 26, 2012

Elsie Lake, Shoshone County, Idaho

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed

Elsie Lake is in a spectacular setting with high alpine mountains all around the lake. The boat launch into this lake is a primitive gravel launch which drops off quickly into the lake about 20 feet or less off the shore. No motors are allowed. The lake is home to rainbow and brook trout; the wilderness area is home to black bear, mountain lions, elk, deer, and a variety of foul. Make sure to keep all food contained as any food left open will be visited by bear, etc. Fee free camping areas surround the lake except on the east where there are a steep mountain and cliffs. There is a restroom not far from the launch area. Hiking in this area is a must! Maps: View Google Map below... There is no exact address for this lake so once you see Kellogg on the map hit aerial view and follow the Directions given here. Directions: Elsie Lake is 12.6 miles from the I90 exit 54/Big Creek Exit. The road to this lake is paved for a short distance then the rest of the road is gravel with small boulders and protruding rocks. Stay on the main road, which is the road that appears well traveled. This road is not marked nor are there signs giving directions to the lake. One spot on the road is a slide area that is very rough, so be careful. I would NOT travel on this road in Spring due to potential slides and unstable road conditions. When you get close to the lake you will come to a saddle area between mountains and then you will descend to the lake less than a mile again on a rough road with loose rocks. Once near the lake there is a road that goes north to the restroom and primitive launch area. There is also a road that goes south to a turn around area. Do not travel this road to the lake unless you have a 4x4 vehicle with good ground clearance. (Click Here) Read this articles about my trip to Elsie Lake... I camped at and sailed on this lake.
Elsie Lake Primitive Launch (fairly hard packed gravel and mud mix)

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