Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elk Creek Reservoir, Clearwater County, Idaho

Small Boats, No Motors Allowed

Elk Creek Reservoir is the oldest reservoir within the Inland NW, and looks more like a natural lake than a man made reservoir of 10' to 50' deep. Created in 1898 as a logging pond, it was used to keep logs moist and as free as possible from insects while in storage, before the logs were floated to the lumber mill near the city of Elk River (City named after Elk Creek, which is not called Elk River). There is a marshy area to the north on this lake and toward the south end near the dam the reservoir is deep and free of weeds (mostly). This lake is a very popular fishing lake. The city of Elk River is just a mile from the lake. Elk River has a store and gas station, restaurants, post office, a few other businesses that may be open depending on the time of year. The area is also a popular snow mobile and cross country ski area. Elk Creek Reservoir has camping sites on both the west and the east side of the lake. Moose Cove Campground is the main site for camping, with a primitive gravel launch, accessible dock, small shore area to park your small boat, restrooms, playground, hiking trails, and running water. There is a gravel road and hiking trails directly from the campground to the popular Elk Creek Falls, which is a servies of water falls that is a must see... The first of the falls drops about 30 feet, then middle falls drops 90 feet, and the lower falls 50 feet... click here to learn more about these falls. This an electric-motor-only lake, no wakes allowed. Also a nice lake for dinghy sailing or kayaking. Fishing: Eastern Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Westslope Cutthroat Trout. Directions: From Moscow Idaho on HWY 95, take HWY 8 east all the way to Elk River, then follow the sign to Elk River Reservoir. Maps: View Google Map below...

This Google Map includes Elk Creek/River

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