Monday, March 26, 2012

Cougar Lake and Pond, Pend Oreille, County

Small Boats, Motors Allowed
Cougar Lake
Cougar Pond
Cougar Lake and Pond... Cougar Lake are on the west side of Trimble Creek Rd. and Cougar Pond is on the east side of the road, just a few hundred feet up the road. I think they got the names of these body of waters wrong as the Pond I think is bigger than the lake and should be switched. If you want to play around on these creeks with a kayak then the Pond is more interesting as its set deep in the woods with lots of logs and creek at its north end. Camping is accessible along all the road and around the lakes. Fishing is popular in this area due to all the creeks and near by Power Lake. There is some fishing done in the Pond but I am told not in the Lake due to lack of fish. Facilities: None. Fishing: No specific info available. Directions: In. Maps: To view visit

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