Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clear Pond, Spokane County, Washington

Kayaks, No Motors

Clear Pond (1 acres) also known as Clear lake (not to be confused with the bigger Clear Lake in the same county) is right up the road (East) from Fishtrap Lake before you cross the bridge over the railroad tracks. This lake is more of a pond than a lake and is best suited for kayaks if anything, however it's even small for kayaks. This is a nice lake to take pictures of some beautiful water foul at but that is about it. Directions/Maps: To view a map click on and type in Downs Lake, WA. and then slide straight above Downs Lake new HWY 90 and you will see Fishtrap lake on the map, then at the top of Fishtrap lake you will see a road; follow this road East and before you get to the railroad tracks you will see Clear Lake. Make sure you are on the aerial view setting as mapquest will not label this lake. You will need to pan in a little also. Info: From Spokane, go west on I-90 to Fishtrap Exit 254, then south 2 miles on Old State Highway to Fishtrap Rd. Follow the road East right after you pass the lake and up the hills. Once you go over several rolling hills keep an eye out to the left and you will see it just off the road.

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