Monday, March 26, 2012

Chain Lakes, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Small Boats, Motors Allowed
View of East Chain Lake... West chain lake is very similar in appearance.
The Chain Lakes is two lakes in a deep canyon system that is very remote in a sense but is home to a small community of homes. The State of WA. owns a small narrow piece of land that acts as the access point to these lakes. There is a short trail that is just wide enough to walk on and at times can be difficult to take your water craft through due to all the high grass, scrubs, etc. along the trail. The put-in site is a narrow muddy cut through the marsh. The first lake you enter from the put-in is the East Chain lake. This lake is deep at about 100 ft as its deepest and void of any milfoil, etc. due to its rocky bottom and depth. I found it a nice place to paddle/pedal or sail, and the scenery is awesome with the high canyon walls. When turning south and west from the access point you will enter a short milfoil infested channel to the west Chain lake. There is a channel through the aquatic plant life that is quite beautiful. Once you enter this lake it drops to a depth of 40 or more feet and it too has a rocky bottom and thus no aquatic plant life to deal with. Going west you will come to the outlet that you can paddle a short distance, the water is clear and when I was there last I saw a lot of large trout swimming in this river area... I want to come back and fish this spot. Facilities: Small parking area, maintained trail to narrow and muddy launch area. Fishing: Brook and Rainbow Trout, Kokanee. Directions: In. Maps: To view a map click on and type Chain Lakes, WA, US. On I90 locate Exit 280 and follow above directions to view the lake.
Launch site is just narrow enough for a kayak or canoe. During the rainy season the trail and launch is very muddy.

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