Monday, March 26, 2012

Calispell Lake, Pend Oreille County, Washington

Small Boats, Motors Allowed

Calispell Lake is an extremely shallow lake that nearly dries up in the summer, yet water does seem to continuously run through it even though it may only be a trickle. During spring and early summer its depth at the most will be 5 feet at its deepest but on average only 2-3 feet. There is no pronounced channel anywhere on the lake as the water enters the lake and then spreads out over a large area. This lake sits in the middle of grassing land and its shore line is totally private, however one can access this lake via Calispell Creek at the McKenzie Rd. bridge (there is not boat launch on this lake). There is an issue with accessing the lake once in the creek because as you get very close to the lake in the creek there is an old beam bridge that sits very low over the creek. When I went under this bridge I had to lean myself way back on the kayak to get under the bridge. During spring run off you will not be able to get under the bridge. At the HWY bridge where you enter the creek there is ruler measurement post that has depth readings, I would only progress up the creek to enter the lake if the depth reads is 29.50 or under, anything above that and you will not be able to get under the bridge. Portaging over the bridge or along the shore line is not allowed as its all private. Paddling into this lake is to primarily view the water foul, other than that there is really nothing else to view. I saw no fish in this lake or the creek, due in part because the dam near the Pend Oreille River keeps any fishing from leaving the Pend Oreille River and swimming up this creek in to the lake. Facilities: No info. Fishing & Hunting: No fishing info. Water foul hunting, Ducks and Geese hunting only via kayak. Directions: In. Maps: To view a map click on and type Calispell Lake, WA, US. On I90 locate Exit 280 and follow above directions to view the lake.

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