Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Benewah Lake, Benewah County, Idaho

Benewah Lake (400 acres) is a lake connected to St. Joe River within Heyburn State Park area. There are 3 lakes within the park. Benewah is the second largest of these lakes. It can be accessed via 4 locations: First at the one and only boat launch at the east end of the lake. Second, via Benewah Creek access point on the east end of the lake from HWY 5. Third, from the St. Joe River via a small short channel on the northwest side of the lake. And fourth, on the southwest end of the lake from Lake Chatcolet. The lake is best suited for slow moving fishing boats and kayaks and canoes, and during sprine and early summer is good for small boat sailing before the aquatic vegitation takes over the lake. This is a no wake lake, and has policies related to not distrubing water foul not during hunting season. There is an old rail road bridge that crosses the lake with about a 5' clearance over the lake, limiting the height of boats which can enter and exit the lake via the channel from St. Joe River. Info: See the About St. Joe River, Heyburn State Park, Area Lakes page/post. 

Benewah Campground Boat Launch Launch, dock, campground, restrooms, 
running water, picnic area...
Directions: On HWY 5 coming from either Heyburn State Park visitor center or from St Maries: Take Benewah Lake Road to the Benewah Campground and Boat Launch. This lake is full of aquatic plants, so is best suited for slow moving fishing boats and kayaking.

Directions: Northwest end of Benewah Lake

HWY 3 Benewah Creek Access from creek bank...
Directions: This access site is on HWY 5 between Heyburn State Park visitor center and Benewah Lake Road on Benewah Creek.

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