Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Badger Lake, Spokane County, Washington

Motors Allowed

Badger Lake (244 acres) is a desert lake with cliffs predominately around its shores. This is a fine lake faboulous water sports lake to ski and fish on. Sailing on this lake on your swing keel sailboat or dinghy is appropriate, with consistent winds throughout the year. Depths on this lake average 5-20', with its deepest area of the lake about 60'. Badger Lake is twelve miles south of Cheney on the Cheney-Plaza Road. Badger has NO resorts but does have a very nice public access with a double lane boat launch, fishing platform that is wheelchair accessible, and restrooms. Directions: From Cheney, go south on Cheney Plaza Road to Williams Lake Road, then west on Williams Lake Road to Badger Lake Road, then north on Badger Lake road 1.5 miles to Public Fishing sign. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Amber Lake, WA.
Public Launch
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  1. The single public boat launch requires a state permit for parking or boat launching. There is no other public access on the entire lake. Badger Lake shoreline is entirely privately owned with no public facilities. No camping. No parking, no fishing, no gas, no food.

  2. As you can see in the pic dude its a double not a single boat launch. And wrong again you say... there is no parking (there is) and no fishing... fishing is allowed. Just wonder if you are a land owner on the lake and you do not want people coming to the lake.

  3. Just noticed this comment by Carl. You can camp at the near by Williams Lake as there are two campgrounds on this lake and then its a short driver to Badger Lake. Also as the other guy says the launch is a double not a single launch. There is a fishing dock at this launch with plenty of parking. Carl sure your talking about the same lake... Maybe there is another Badger Lake not in spokane county?

  4. PS the picture clearly shows a double launch with a divider down the middle of the launch pad.

  5. I went here last year and it was a great place to kayak. Few larger boats, but we stayed near the shore and it was a fun paddle. There was parking and I have a discover pass and don't recall there being a problem